This is the cover art to Warfront #4 by Lee Elias. One of the most enjoyable aspects of this profession is discovering true "unknown art". During the process of removing the staples that held the illustration paper to a thicker piece of illustration board, I noticed that a circular piece had been cut from the behind the hand-painted text box paste-up. I guessed that the Lee Elias signatured had probably been moved from this area of the image to allow for the placement of the text box. I held the paper up to a light and was pleased to discover a complete image of a fallen soldier underneath! So, I carefully removed the text box paste-up and diminished the glue beneath. I then replaced the missing piece and hand-painted in some ground cover to unify the image. It's exciting to present a piece of art that has been unseen for over 50 years! It must also be noted that the addition of the fallen soldier greatly adds to the drama of the image and intensifies the threat to the U.S. soldiers. I reproduced the missing stats and then put the text box on a clear acetate overlay so that the artwork beneath could still be appreciated. This piece took approximately 8 hours to complete.