This is the cover art to Stuntman #2 by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon. This piece came from the personal collection of Alan Harvey. I removed the title stat that may be from issue #3, which was a smaller issue, or an interior splash title stat. I then replaced the missing stats. I might add that I normally hand draw the logo and title stats with Corel Draw and then type set the text stats. I have a huge font library and am normally able to, at least, closely match the original text fonts. The font for the circle text on this particular piece eluded me. Therefore, as I believe that a lot of the charm of this piece comes from the choice of lettering, I hand drew all of the text in the circle with Corel Draw so that it was identical to the original. Finally, I diminished the water spot at the bottom of the image. This piece took approximately 10 hours to complete.