Documentation of Restoration on cover art to Man In Black #1

  1. Diminish excess white out.
  2. Tuck the B in “Black” back behind the head of the “Man”.
  3. Diminish the glue stains around the “Man”’s head.
  4. Reinforce the cracked black ink in the head of the “Man” and color touch the tape lift at the top edge of the “A Thrill Adventure” logo box.
  5. Remove random staples.
  6. Re-glue down the left side border mask and the curled edges of the “Man in Black” logo text.
  7. Recreate the “Sept. No 1, PDC, and Comics Code Authority” stats.
  8. Recreate the spectral image of the woman coming out of the canvas and then have a photographic transparency made.
  9. Seal two tears at the right edge of the artwork.
  10. Attach similarly weighted pieces to the top left and lower right corner of the artwork with Japanese paper.