This is the cover art to Chamber of Chills #5 by Lee Elias. This was one of my most challenging and rewarding jobs to date. As I restore more and more of these Harvey covers, I understand the production process that was prevalent at the time. Obviously, little regard was held for the art above production status. I would guess that the original logo stat was needed to be reshot in the darkroom for a subsequent issue. Rather than simply remove the stat, the production artist painted across the image area below the title with black ink so as to more easily isolate it. I cleaned off as much of the black ink as possible and then carefully painted in the negative areas of the image with a slightly tinted gouache. Additionally, I diminished the glue and reproduced the stats. I put the text box to the left of the vampire on a clear acetate overlay so that the artwork and, especially, Lee Elias' signature could still be appreciated. On a humorous note, you can see that the original placement of the wooden stake was awfully phalic looking. I'm sure the staff freaked out when they realized this and quickly had the stake shortened with white out. I repainted over this area so as to further minimize this fact. This piece took approximately 10 hours to complete.