As you may have already figured out, I really enjoy the image of the Frankenstein monster. I'm sorry about the poor quality of this image, but the original painting was stolen several years ago. The only record that I have of this emamel painting on canvas board is a small 1.25" x 1.75" photographic image that was taken in 1989. I've only now gotten a good enough scan of it to present it here for the first time.

As I remember, the painting measured 14" x 18". It's not apparent in this image, but I added a slight green tint to the Frankenstein monster's face and hands as well as red scar lines to his face and wrist. Additionally, I added silver to the electrodes on his forehead. A similar monochromatic acrylic painting would cost $800.

Roll over the image to see the movie still that the image was painted from.