Why Signed in Red? The most obvious reason is that, unless the composition is utterly against it, I try to sign all of my color works of art with red media. The color red evokes a feeling of intense passion and confidence. Red is the color of blood which is the essence of life and can be interpreted as the most important part of the blood, sweat, and tears that drive an artist to transfer a part of his being onto what ever surface he is working on. In the end, the main reason that I chose the name is because I like the way it sounds. The rest is just garbage.


Click on the links at the left to see some of my work. You'll find that I have many different styles which mirror my versatile approach to graphic art work. I'm not the purist when it comes to the whole art slash heart and soul thing. I actually prefer to create on commission. I would really like to illustrate for children's book writers. If any of you out there want to see what I can do, give me a trial assignment and we'll go from there. I can be reached by dialing 903-513-1326 on your phone or by emailing me at agraphicstateofmind@gmail.com .